Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whats Not On Our Ipod - Floating Me - Self Titled


I used to get real excited about new music. I would browse record shops (remember those?) for hours, looking for something new and/or different. Once I had a selection of never-heard-befores, I'd spend the time, in the shop, listening to them to ensure it was worthy enough to be added to my collection.

I'd like to say I lost my excitement because modern technology meant I didn't have to go out and rub shoulders with others like me.  Instead, I can simply download anything that takes my fancy.  Or maybe, just maybe I'm getting old and cynical, something I have vowed I wouldn't let happen.

Thankfully, bands like Floating Me come along and restore my faith, renew my vigor and rock my little corner of the world.  Funnily enough, I happened to find this at one of the few local music stores near where I work.

Comprised of members of influential hard rock Australian bands Cog, Scary Mother and Karnivool, this was never going to be a soft project. There are hints of all three aforementioned bands in their sound - you can't listen to Andrew Gillespie sing and not be reminded of Scary Mother at times - but Floating Me have built something they can rightly call their own.

Along with Gillespie, Floating Me are Lucius Borich of Cog on drums, Jon Stockman of Karnivool on bass and ex Mothers Antony Brown on guitar and Tobias Messiter on keys.  Atmospheric and textured as well as filled with some huge rock riffs, Floating Me may well have produced the Aussie rock album of the year.

Don't believe me, then check this out.  And while it might not be on our Ipod at the moment, this is about to change.



  1. I know what you are talking about with the new electronics. My nieces have the laptops and the IPods. If my kids want any of that stuff they can find a job and get it for themselves. I like to get the albums and listen to the whole thing. I have found out something really interesting from my boyfriend and that is the whole album from some singers tells a story about the album. I never thought of it that way before.

  2. I like modern technology - it means I can have all my music on one small, easy to carry device. But I also enjoy my old vinyl records as the sound quality is much better. I don't know if there are many modern artists making proper albums anymore. Most are singles with filler.

  3. Mmmm.... can't say it grabs me much on first listen but I like Cog so I'll give it another go, see if it's a grower

  4. Myra, it's the sort of music you either like or you don't. I don't even bother trying to play anything like this for Mine because she screams and runs from the room.


  5. I've been known to scream and run from the room too. Not necessarily because of the music

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, that's quite a gravestone!

  7. I also agree with you YourZenMine.I also enjoy listening old vinyl records