Monday, December 28, 2009



Music has been the cause of some excellent, invigorating conversations in our house. We've spent many nights playing DJ for each other, sharing geeky factoids, arguing about what sounds good, wowing each other with new music and falling for old favourites again and again. It was through the love of music our long friendship developed into the relationship it is today. However, I’ve accepted the fact there are some things we’ll never agree about, particularly when it comes to music. I’m okay with this.

There have been a number of suprising moments of commonality when mentioning musical favourites from the past. For instance, I thought I was the only person who remembered The Woodentops fondly or who knew the words to far too many bad pop songs. It's pleasing to know I am now not alone. And yet, while there is plenty of common ground, some of the music Mine loves makes me twitch. And not in a good way, either. I have no doubt she’d say the same of me and more. I’m okay with this, too.

So onwards... The plan is, over the next twelve months, to write a review a day on the same artist from our different points of view. We’ll being making random selections from our collection using the pointy-stick-and-blindfold method (photos forthcoming) and will be following a loose alphabetical order.

Conceptually, this doesn't sound like it'll be hard. But there are some definite duds in our collection (and even some we agree on) so we're prepared for some tough moments. Ultimately, what this means is that if the random pointy stick lands on Abba, then we'll both review it. And despite the nightmare earworms I know it will give me, I’m also okay with this.

At the bottom of each and every post is a selection of boxes (Turn It Up, Turn It Down and Throw It Out). We'd be mighty pleased if you, dear reader, took a few seconds to select one of the boxes. The final results of these selections will be posted at the end of the year.

As Mine and Your(s truly), go through our collection, any pieces we both deem as 'Throw It Out' will be removed from our collection permanently. We'll make these available to anyone who wants them, who provides us with an interesting, worthwhile, witty or downright silly reason to do so. That's provided anyone wants them but, as we all know, there's no accounting for taste.


I'd never previously had a long-term relationship with anyone whose music collection didn't rival or exceed mine, and now I know I'll never have to look for another (or separate the collection, we all know how painful that is). It's been wonderful to find someone who's introduced me to some music I now can't imagine living without as well as who listens carefully and doesn't totally diss some of the more fluffy numbers I enjoy.

Of course there are parts of YourZ collection that make me twitch, too. I guess the best part of our deciding to do this is the fact we're going to be writing together for the first time. Something I really didn't know if we could do. But so far, so good.

Oh, and after much discussion we've decided we'll be reviewing one compilation CD per month as well. Selected in a slightly less random manner, and NOT including the compilation CDs we've accumulated through the obsessive purchase of music magazines over the years.
Let the reviews begin!

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