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Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You


I like Lily Allen. She's a bit of a wild, spunky British babe who doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her potty mouth (especially Elton John). She's the daughter of Keith Allen, who played a very good version of the Sheriff Of Nottingham in a recent television adaptation of Robin Hood. Her mum's famous for some stuff too. If you’re interested, look it up yourselves.

Lily's also known for the occasional wardrobe malfunction in front of British press, not that she particularly cares. She has nice boobies and doesn’t mind flashing them. What’s not to like about that?

I liked her first record, 2006’s Alright, Still. The ska-flavoured pop tunes appealed to the old Mod in me and lyrically, she had her chops. It’s Not Me, It’s You continues where this left off except this time it's a musical mixed bag with roots buried deep in unabashed pop. She accompanies this with another set of acerbic lyrics aimed at people around her: girlfriends, boyfriends, siblings, her Dad, God or whoever. She's a role model for no one but herself and, unlike Amy Whinehouse (sic), has been able to handle all the shit thrown her way.

Mine is a big fan of Lily, particularly of this album. For me, there's not a huge deal of difference between the two. This, in most instances, wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing. In this case, however, it only adds to her charm. That and her boobies, of course.



I love Lily Allen and I'm not ashamed to say so. But this love did not spring, fully-formed, from her debut Alright, Still in 2006 despite the album being purchased and highly recommended by YourZ.

No, it's her second album which has endeared the Cockney-toned diva to my ears, because it makes me cry. Every time.

It began on a drive home late one night after work, when my local radio station was featuring It's Not Me, It's You as its album of the week, doing a play-through with discussions about the songs. I came in about half way through at Never Gonna Happen and chuckled heartily over Fuck You. But then the tears began.

You see, unlike YourZ, I'm all about the lyrics. The tunes are fine, as long as they don't actually suck, but it's the words that run rings around my heart. And I got a bit teary over Who'd Have Known, because it reminded me of the first time YourZ and I actually hooked up after many years of acquaintanceship (it's a real word, I looked it up). Who'd have known?/ When you flash up on my phone/ I no longer feel alone. Ah, makes me choke up just writing that.

Then on to Chinese, which says - I don't want anything more/ Than to see your face when you open the door/ You'll make me beans on toast and a nice cup of tea/ And we'll get a Chinese and watch TV. Because this just perfectly encapsulates the ordinary moments of our days as a married couple that make for the most perfect and harmonious and... oh-my-god you guys are making me GAG fer gossake. Hum. Well, you ASKED. Or, no you didn't. I'm telling you. So there.

Him (which is about God) I cannot for the life of me sing out loud all the way through because of: Ever since he can remember people have died in his good name/ Long before that September/ Long before hijacking planes/ He's lost the will he can't decide/ He doesn't know who's right or wrong/ But there's one thing that he's sure of/ This has been going on too long Doesn't that make YOU feel sad and weird and teary? No? Just me I guess. Anyhoo, it has the best line ever written about God - I don't imagine he's ever been suicidal/ His favourite band is Creedence Clearwater Revival. Sad and laughing, in one song. Result.

And I can't even write about He Wasn't There. I (mis)quoted it at my dad's funeral recently: He was my hero in disguise/ I know he'll always love me very much/ I'll always be his little girl Brought the house down. And when I go and see Lily soon (solo because Your won't go with me) I bet I'll be howling when she sings this.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (dance along, you'll laugh, you'll cry!)

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