Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Visual Aspects - Battlestar Galactica


YourZ and I have been in love with this series for ever.  I'm sure his love is largely borne from a certain red dress worn by a certain Cylon, but I can forgive him that.  Can't you?  Go on, Google "Caprica Six" and forgive him here and now.  Remember to come back!

I had an interesting conversation with my brother-in-law about the merits of BSG versus The Wire, which of course we also love.  He is of the opinion that it's "cheating" for BSG to tackle difficult issues, because it's science fiction and therefore the writers can make any situation fit; whereas in The Wire they're restricted to real life situations.  Of course, I think that's a load of hooey.  Both of these series are fabulous, in different ways.  It's just BSG has the most fabulous CGI to go along with the amazing acting and top-notch scripts.  Shiny! Oh, wait, that's another TV series, I'm getting ahead of myself here.  We recently watched BSG end-to-end, because last year we finally bought a flat-screen TV - so we wanted to watch all our great visual-effects movies and series over again, with the oh-wow picture.

OK, so BSG takes places in a universe where there are 12 colonies of humans on 12 planets which are kind of named after signs of the Zodiac and they worship multiple gods and they've formed a truce with the Cylons which are robots that became self-aware and then rebelled years ago and now the Cylons are back and some of them look like humans and they're still pissed off so they nuke all the human's planets and only about 40-thousand people get away on a bunch on spaceships including... Battlestar Galactica.

After that it gets complicated.

My favourite part?  The way the series examined summary executions and imprisonment - from both sides of the human/Cylon debate.  I loved how this series put the issues being tested in Iraq and at Guantanamo on to prime-time US screens, right then and there.  And vote-rigging!

My favourite character?  Gaius Baltar.  Selfish, self-serving, cowardly, tricksy and an unwitting traitor, he manages to survive through the basest of human emotions. Yet toward the end, he seems to redeem himself - by supposedly laying bare his soul in a tell-all autobiography.  Whoever thought him up deserves all the writing accolades there are.

My favourite squeeze?  Chief Galen Tyrol.  I don't know why, there are some much more conventionally handsome men featured - Anders and Helo spring to mind - but I love the Chief.  He's huggable.

And while she's frustrating and impenetrable and likeable as well as facepalm idiotic from time to time: I love Starbuck.

We haven't seen the BSG spin-off Caprica, and it can't have been that good if it got canned after one series, but I guess we will when it's released here on DVD.  Completists that we are.  Hey, that reminds me - we haven't re-watched The Plan yet!



Initially, my review was going to be very simple:

"Watch it if only for the bodacious, deadly Clyon babe in the painted-on red dress."

But on careful deliberation, I decided this would make me appear extremely shallow.  I'm now gonna go for some depth:

Watch it if only for the magnificent cast, the effects, the story, the drama, the intrigue, the pointy-headed robots from hell and cool spaceships.  And, if this isn't enough, watch it for the bodacious, deadly Clyon babe in the painted-on red dress.

I think you can guess who my favourite character is, can't you?



  1. Hmmm..... I've never watched it but if it's anywhere near as good as Firefly (shiny!).....

  2. We love Firefly and intend reviewing it (and Serenity) in the future. BSG is different but very good none the less.


  3. YourZ - I take you're a Seven From Nine fan as well...? Actually I never really got into BSG, being more of an old-school Trekkie (Original Series natch) and a big Whedon-o-phile (why does everything get canned?) Dollhouse was just superb and I still treasure my complete Buffy DVD set. Does this sound nerdy enough? Oh dear...

  4. MO, nerd away to your heart's content, although Mine and YourZ prefer to think of ourselves as geeks rather than nerds (geeks are cooler?)

    I am a fan of Seven of Nine although now I much prefer Caprica Six. On every level, she is more... babe-alicious. While Seven's one piece had my imagination running wild, it was nothing compared to Caprica's red dress.

    Like you, we are big fans of Whedon too, although not so much Buffy. We were most disappointed when they cancelled Dollhouse (which incidentally stars a couple of the actors from BSG). I grew up with the original Trek series but have a very soft spot for the New Generation series too.

  5. you guys are neglecting your blog..... :-(

  6. May I recommend a new series.... The Killing!


  7. Hi Nurse - thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like just the sort of series we'd both enjoy.