Sunday, January 24, 2010

Come - Near Life Experience



Oh, you want more?  Very boring.

I can see why this band's in YourZ collection - 1996, signed to Sub Pop, etc.  But really, it hasn't travelled well.  I guess the best thing I could say about Near Life Experience is it's mercifully short.



I wish I could remember why I have this band in my collection, I really do.  The time of its release might have something to do with at as I was pretty much into anything noisy, guitar-orientated and alternative.  That this also included the wonderfullly ragged vocals of Thalia Zedek, who sounded like a more-in-control version of Courtney Love, probably only added to its appeal (in fact, I think Thalia was probably everything Ms Love was never capable of being: a great singer, songwriter and musician - sorry, Courtney - no, please, put down the axe...)

The other thing about this particular album, and probably another contributing factor in my purchase of it, was its similarites in sound to PJ Harvey, another big favourite (although Polly Jean has remained so to this day).  What is quite disconcerting is that there are three Come albums in our collection and I don't think I've listened to any of them for many years.

Listening to Near Life Experience, I have to say, was a treat, kind of like seeing an old friend you don't talk to anymore because you've both taken different paths in life.  But this is the great thing about music - it takes the listener on a journey, be it to the future, to the past or to some distant fantasy land.  It reminds me of a time when I lived in an inner-city terrace with a bunch of friends and drop-ins and spent many nights dissecting the world while listening to angst-laden music like this.  Ah, those were the days, my friend but I'm really pleased I'm not there anymore.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (but not too loud, please) okay, okay, that's enough - THROW IT OUT

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In our collection, we also have 11:11 and Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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