Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kylie Minogue - Fever


La la la, la la la-la la.... you know how it goes. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you've lived under a rock as far as La Minogue is concerned, but I certainly haven't. In fact I've seen her live in concert - just the once - and it was truly spec-frackin'-tacular. OK, it's pure, disposable pop. So what? You know you can't get it out of your head, boy your lovin' is all I think about....

Fever is the album that broke her in the US and yet I've been a fan since way, way back. Not quite back to Loco-Motion days, but definitely since Michael Hutchence from INXS introduced the world to SexKylie. Better The Devil You Know is still one of my all-time favourite dancefloor tunes. (How many times, Kylie? "A hundred times or more...")

There's no denying she's easy on the eyes and does great video - check out Confide In Me, Did It Again, Spinning Around (those shorts!), and OMG the Barbarella takeoff of Put Yourself In My Place. (Look out, that's the raunchy version).

It's not often I buy a Kylie album, generally preferring to grab the greatest hits or Live versions, because as a pop princess, the singles are what it's all about. This album's as expected - a couple of real killers, plus some fillerish stuff. No real duds, which is a bonus. This is a woman who knows her (gay-friendly, dancefloor-oriented) market and caters to it. Bravo.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (put your hands in the air)


Oh, lawdy, while I love the idea of what Mine and YourZ(truly) is doing with this blog, I must admit I was concerned that I'd be stuck having to review music such as Ms Minogue's Fever.

I have nothing against her. In fact, to use a tired cliche, I have something I would definitely like to hold against her - ME! Yeah, I know, me and most red-blooded men on the planet. I think she is sexy as any trouble you could want and smart to boot.

The music has some smart moments too, but for the most part, it sounds all a bit the same, really. What really does my head in are the lyrics. It is all about being adored and loved and is full of hooky choruses that, sure, might sound great on the dance floor but do absolutely nothing for me.

I guess I have to question Mine's judgement when she said in our very first review of Lily Allen that she is 'all about the lyrics'. For the most part, the lyrics La Minogue sings are modern-day love poems for teen girls. This is definitely territory I've never walked through, let alone spent any time in, thankfully.

Having said all this, I have no problems turning the sound down and watching just about any of her videos. Nope, no problem at all.


For more information: http://www.kylie.com/

In our collection we also have Kylie - The Rhythm Of Love and Kylie - Intimate And Live


  1. Well, who hasn't got a copy of this? It's got some good stuff on it but I can take it or leave it. Personally I prefer her 'quiet' period just before the 'Spinning Around' rebirth - the weird and wonderful stuff that nobody liked, but that's just me.

    So bring on 'Did it Again', 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' and 'Confide in Me' - they are just so much more interesting.

  2. Glad to hear you like QuirkyKylie better than SexKylie - but as I said, i'm just an all-around fan. I even own an autographed copy of her book (oh, the lack of serious-music cred!) which has caused some of my friends to look askance.