Friday, January 29, 2010

Kid Loco - Kill Your Darlings


As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm a sucker.  Without harping on this, it might be viewed as a negative by a lot of people, but in my case, my sucker-worthiness has worked in my favour.  Sometimes. 

One such good example is Kid Loco.  Years ago, I became friends with a DJ who also worked in a local record shop.  He was a nice bloke but was mostly interested in trying to get as much product out the door as possible.  Fair enough - the whole objective of retail is to do this very thing.  But he could see me coming from ten miles away and knew just how to pitch something to me to make it irresistible.  90 percent of the time, I would crumble with little resistance.  What makes this even more irksome is his strike rate for picking something I'd really like was very high indeed.  (I'm glad he moved on some years ago, otherwise I'm sure our collection would be double what it is now).

One such gem is Kill Your Darlings.  Jean-Yves Prieur, or Kid Loco, is a quintessential French musician/producer/DJ whose sound is chilled to the point of coolness only the French seem to be able to achieve.  He sound is so laid-back, you could be floating on a cloud (probably of illicit greenery, if you catch my drift).  And with song titles like Here Come The Munchies and Three Feet High Reefer, there's no doubting where some of his chill comes from.  Now, where did I put those chips?



Sunday morning, coming down.... couldn't be a more appropriate time to play Kill Your Darlings.  It's one of those albums I have to thank YourZ for (thanks, honey!) because I'd never have heard of it otherwise.  And it's full of gorgeous, gorgeous songs.

My personal favourite is Little Bit of Soul, which is just so sing-along.  But all of it is fabulous in that eclectic mix of trip-hop and - whatever else it's made up of.  Who cares? 

It's not surprising I'm fond of this, as Air's Moon Safari is also a personal favourite.  Ah, the French.  The best part is, this album's exactly the right length.  That is, it lasts from when I leave home in my car to when I arrive at work.  Result!  But I'd also like to experience this again soon in that Sunday-morning way (hint, hint, YourZ!)

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (lay back and let it wash over you)

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In our collection, we also have the compilation album Another Late Night: Kid Loco

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