Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free CDs - January throwouts

Well, we promised we'd offer you the CDs that just don't fit in our collection - not that we think these necessarily stink, just that they're not our cup of tea.  One man's meat - etc.

The rules are:

Don't talk about fight club

We're going to be capricious and completely subjective about who gets whatever CD.  Simply tell us your reasons for wanting any or all of them, and we'll send them to whoever appeals most.  This means you'll need to include a valid email address so we can contact you for a snail-mail address if you're the lucky (?)  recipient.  Of course we promise not to use this info for any nefarious (or other) reasons or to sell it or anything else (what else could there be? Piling them up and setting them ablaze?  Baking them into cookies and munching on their emaily goodness?)   

Beats selling them on eBay.

Billy Bragg - William Bloke
Come - Near Life Experience, Eleven : Eleven and Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Ben Harper - The Will To Live and Diamonds On the Inside
Lightning Seeds - Sense
Sugar Ray - Floored

So start emailing and let us know what you want and some padded-baggy goodness could soon be on its way to you.  The list will also be posted as a sidebar and we'll do our best to keep it updated.

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