Friday, October 8, 2010

28 Days - Upstyledown


Hmm, I don’t think I actually paid money for this – more likely it came to me through my time as a drastically under-paid rock journalist.  I remember liking the singles, Rip It Up and Sucker, but only because 28 Days were one of the first Aussie bands to mix hip hop and rock (at least, as far as I can remember, anyway).

Most of the album, however, is straight up so-cal punk, albeit from Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.  In fact, Jay Dunne’s vocal delivery sounds very like Dexter’s from The Offspring, that kind of shouty, helium-sounding voice accompanied by loud, distorted riffs that might have once got my heart rate up but now more annoy me than anything else.    

While it is consummately played and energetic (to say the least), and apart from the fact I’d forgotten about it, the reason why Upstyledown has sat in our collection for so long being ignored is because I just don’t have the sort of energy required to appreciate it.  And, at the risk of sounding like an old fart, most of this album ends up sounding all the same after a couple of listens.



Seriously, how many CDs do we have that feature men SJHOUTING at me while playing LOUD guitars REALLY FAST?  Can we have one less?  Please?


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