Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jenny Morris - Shiver


Urgh.  I was really hoping I'd enjoy this more, given that I was a staunch fan of Ms  Morris in the 80s and saw her performing live several times.  But I guess this is the reason the CD's stayed in the drawer, unplayed, for so long.  These songs really don't age that well - except for Aotearoa, which will always be a firm favourite.

I fell in love with Jenny's voice when she was a member of QED in the early 80s, with her fragile-yet-powerful vocals showcased on the single Everywhere I Go.  (Ooh, dig the keytar!)  But it was her first album, Body and Soul, that I loved the most.  It's not in our collection because I had it on a cassette... and so while I'm voting to turf Shiver, I must dig around and see if I can buy Body and Soul again and listen to You I Know ( a Neil Finn song).



I was quite surprised by how many of the songs on Shiver.  Actually, its a bit scary because I have never owned anything by her nor have I ever been a fan.  It means I heard these songs played on radio so many times, they've become part of me.  No wonder I can't remember my birthday with shit like this cluttering up my memory.

There is no doubting the Andrew Farris (of INXS) influence.  In fact, a number of the tracks are co-written with him.  These kind of sound like INXS-lite.  Tragic, really.  The only real highlight is her version of Paul Kelly's 'Street Of Love' too but I enjoy the original version too much to enjoy her cover of it.


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