Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stereo MCs - Connected


I know every single song on this album so well... because it became a regular on the CD player very shortly after it was released.  And it's been much too long between plays!  OK most people know the title track but Playing With Fire, Ground Level, Fade Away... all of these are firm friends.

Ranging somewhere in the lines between dance, acid jazz, rap and hip-hop, Stereo MCs had an unpreposessing-looking lead singer, some awesome girly backing vocals and a set of songs that still rock my world.

As a completely weird aside, I was channel-surfing a while ago and came across one of those lifestyle shows that looks at problem children and how to fix them.  I became convinced the father of one of these kids was vocalist Rob Birch and spent ages trying to find out if he was.  So, anybody?  Did he appear on "The House of Tiny Tearaways"?  Interested minds want to know. 

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (to the left... to the right...)


For some one who has admitted on more than one occasion to not like hip hop or rap, Mine sure has some great examples of it.  And for this I am glad.

Stereo MCs were one of those bands who, except for the title track, completely slipped by me, while I concentrated on all things grunge.  Thankfully, she had a broader palette than me (if the truth be told, she still has) because this album is nothing short of awesome, even if the sounds are dated.  It's so good, there are tracks on here I kinda wished I knew back then.

Thanks honey, for keeping this one.  It's a beauty! Let's turn it up real loud at our next party.



  1. As do I, Chris... and thanks to this project it reminded me just how much!