Saturday, October 2, 2010

Little Birdy - Big Big Love


Prior to writing this review, I hadn't listened to Big Big Love for ages.

I don't know why, I just hadn't, 'kay?

Katy Steele is the lead singer, guitarist and main song writer.  Her pedigree is without doubt.  She is the daughter of Aussie blues legend, Rick Steele and the sister of Luke, from Empire Of The Sun and The Sleepy Jackson and whose talent we've discussed numerous times on this blog.  And this album is a cracker.

The same pop sensibilities exist in Katy's writing as in her elder brother's tracks but where Luke has exploited the inner-kookiness while Katy keeps these melodic affectations to a minimum.  Yet the heritage is apparent.  Come On Little Heartbreaker could have been straight out of the same songbook as he used for Sleepy Jackson's Lovers.  First single Relapse still jumps out of the speakers.  And closer, Andy Warhol, is suitably wigged-out.  I imagine live, this song would really rock out.

So there is plenty of reason for me to say I should have listened to this album more often.  So I will.



Some time ago, before this blog existed, I was driving home from work and happened to hear Little Birdy being played on the commercial radio station that used to employ me.  I came bursting in and asked YourZ if he'd heard of them... always a silly move, as he generally also knows who does their dry-cleaning and what the name of their first pet was.

Of course he knew that the lead singer was Luke's sister Katy - oh *snort* good thing her parents didn't name her Leia, right? - and therefore was from Perth and he probably told me what label the band was on and how long they'd been together and what brand of toothpaste they used, but frankly after a while it's all white noise to me.  Anyway, I determined I'd purchase the album immediately, and then forgot about it for a while. (YourZ sez: I'm really not as bad as she makes out, folks...)

When YourZ (as usual) finally did buy it, I was delighted.  And now I'm annoyed, because I really do love it.  I'll admit some purists may find Katy's voice a little on the less-mature side (she's got a touch of helium in those sweet, sweet tones) but her songwriting credentials are just as impressive as her brother's.  So this album's got to move up into higher rotation.  OK?


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