Monday, October 18, 2010

Not From There - Sand On Seven


We haven't got really close to this kind of music in our collection, although The Mint Chicks fall somewhat in the zone.  And that zone is what is known as noise rock or post-rock, to some.  I can't admit to being a fan of a lot of what there is to offer but I know what I like.

Not From There chiefly came to the attention of Australian fans with the song Sich Offen, first released as a single and then with this album.  That the lyrics are sung mostly in Austrian didn't seem to make a difference to the listeners.  It's a grinding burst of dance-friendly rock.  I remember seeing the band live back around the time this was released and it was great to see the beard-strokers and the ravers mix it up.

Their follow-up album, Latvian Lovers, is a lot more playful with less of the vaguely Teutonic soundscapes this  album uses as padding.  But there are still a few gems to be found.  Hurricane Charlie opens the album, bursting out of the speakers like a siren.  This is followed by Juanita's Cocktail Party, a gear-changing piece of distorted mania while The Corkscrew builds on a distinct snare break and distorted vocals until it explodes in a wall of distortion.

I remember really liking all of this album at one point but now it just sounds a bit too wanky and conceited.  And I know Mine is going to be pretty damned impressed too, so lets...



Well, it started OK.  A well-paced, rocky opener... and then it all went south.  Tweets and buzzes, singing in German fer gossake. That deeply indie I'm-not-really-singing-this-is more-like-beat-poetry-set-to-music stuff.  Wanky is the word.  I have to admit I didn't really listen to much of the album, as I'd get about 30 seconds in to each track before screaming loudly and pressing the "next" button.  So I guess I'm going to be predictable here.

VERDICT: THROW IT OUT or off a high cliff...

For more information go to (we know its Wikipedia but this is all there is, folks).

In our collection we also have Latvian Lovers

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