Monday, October 11, 2010

The Butterfly Effect - Final Conversation Of Kings


Oh god, more prog.  *deep, long-suffering sigh*

There are two emotions that chase themselves around my brain when I listen to this stuff.  Firstly I'm confused.  I mean, who really appreciates 8 minute songs?  Men, I suppose.  Really, how many women do you think actually appreciate this stuff?  It's just so turgid.

Secondly, I'm amused.  This sort of stuff just says to me - 16 year old who has no hope of getting laid, channelling all of that burgeoning testosterone into really intense music.  It's a bit like making emo music, really - you're guaranteed an audience.  A sad, sad audience, no doubt, but they've got nothing else to spend their money on.

I seem to recall we saw Butterfly Effect supporting some band or other long, long ago.  I remember doing my best to keep a straight face but just wanting to burst into laughter, because they take themselves so seriously. How can you, when you're playing this music?  I mean, it's just one step away from Spinal Tap, isn't it? (YourZ sez: ah c'mon, it doesn't even get close to 'break like the wind' territory)

Well, I know YourZ won't turf this, so...

VERDICT: TURN IT DOWN way, way down... no, lower! Lower!  I can still hear it!


Okay, so I like some prog rock.  But it doesn't mean I'm going to start collecting Rush or Yes records.  The Butterfly Effect is the kind of prog I enjoy, coming as it does from a similar school of sound to another Aussie favourite of mine, Karnivool.  So I guess if I had to draw a line in the prog-rock sand, it would around about here.

Some time ago, a friend tried to convince me that if I liked music like this, I'd be sure to like Tool or A Perfect Circle.  And maybe I would, if I could be bothered.  But to be honest, every time I think of Tool, I think of Maynard J Keenan painted blue and then I think of the Blue Men Group and have a little snicker to myself while wondering who came first.  Hey, its just the way my brain works, okay?  It kind of dulls any shine those bands might have rather quickly.

Final Conversation Of Kings came out a couple of years ago, led by the single Window And The Watcher, a much more polished track with a soaring chorus.  While this album continued in the direction they'd taken with their previous album, Imago, they've taken it one step further, making it more accessible and radio-friendly.  I really like the sound overall, particularly on tracks like Worlds On Fire and Final Conversation,  but the pay off for me is when the band strips back and let their big riffs rock out.

So they're not doing anything really different but it is world class and, if you're a fan of this kind of rock (as I know a few of our regular readers are), I'm sure you'll enjoy The Butterfly Effect as much as I do.


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  1. I listen to a bit of prog rock (Starcastle, Marillion, ELP, old school Genesis, and snippets of Yes-- but I can only take Jon Anderson in small doses. My favorite Yes album is actually the one he doesn't sing lead on, Drama), and a bit of prog metal (Dream Theater & Shadow Gallery).

    I'll admit it's not for everyone and many prog rock musicians are guilty (as Mine has indicated) of taking themselves FAR too seriously so I can see where that would be off-putting to many potential listeners.

  2. As I said, I'm not really into a lot of prog but I do really like those bands I am into, if that makes sense. Both The Butterfly Effect and Karnivool fall somewhere between prog rock and prog metal. And both have very good vocalists who thankfully sound nothing even remotely like Jon Anderson.