Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Crystal Method - Tweekend


Yet another recommendation from that friend of mine who used to work in a local music shop.  He knew I liked my rock so sold this to me under the pretence that Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine had co-written a number of tracks.  So I bought it.

In reality, this is more a big beat album than anything rock.  Not that I mind.  Tweekend, released in 2001, could have been made by any of the big beat bands in England at the time except it wasn't.  Interesting though, The Crystal Method are a duo originally from Las Vegas but who transplanted themselves in LA, where they still reside.

Yes, there are some bits that kind of sound like Rage meets the Chemical Bros. (the best example being Name Of The Game), a lot of the album relies on the usual big beat sounds and tricks.  And while it wouldn't be bad turned up loud in a club or at a party, it really is by the numbers and therefore not particularly interesting.  Probably explains why I haven't played it for ages.



Yeah, it's OK.  It's the sort of big-beat-ish stuff I like, but it's not clever enough for me to put it on for an intensive listen.  It'd be fine to dance to at a party sometime, but then we have so much better big beat in our collection, I can't imagine why we'd want to.


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