Friday, December 10, 2010

The KLF - The White Room


Quite apart from the fact that this is top-notch dance music, I have a link to this band that goes way, way back - to my teenage years.  You see, when I was young my then-boyfriend (hi, Richard!) introduced me to the Illuminatus! trilogy, a work of cosmic conspiracy so far-reaching, it makes the Da Vinci Code look even more banal and trite than you thought.

By the way, I have to note: although I did read the Code, because I had to know what all the fuss was about (but was no wiser at the end of it), Dan Brown's followup Angels and Demons has the honour of being the only book I've ever actually thrown across the room in disgust mid-read.  How he is so popular I have no idea, the man cannot write!

So anyway, when I heard that these two guys were calling themselves the KLF I was delighted.  You see, this is the name of a secret society in the Illuminatus! books.  They also call themselves the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, also referenced in the books, and use the John Dillinger phrase "Everybody lie down on the floor and keep calm".  Dillinger is a key character in the books.

I also love the KLF for deleting their back catalogue and using the profits from their music to rock the art world by burning one million British pounds.  In cash.  At an event they invited the media to watch.  These guys have rocked my world in so many ways and this album is them at their best.



See, there is the word, right at the start of Mine's review above.  Dance.  It really says it all for me.  While I have a lot of respect for the attitude of The KLF, they were, first and foremost, a band.  And its the music I have to listen to and make a call on.

I don't like it.  Never have and, I'm sure, never will.  I've had this discussion before.  It really doesn't matter how smart or whatever.  It simply doesn't appeal to me.

The Illuminatus! books, however, sound seriously interesting.


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