Thursday, December 23, 2010

Garbage - Version 2.0


My exposure to Garbage has been through women in my life.  In fact, I remember getting a phone call from Mine just before she and I started dating, asking if I'd like to go to a Garbage concert as she had a last minute spare ticket after the friend she was going with (g'day Dom) fell off his motor bike.  I had to decline but not long after, returned the gesture.  The rest, as they say in the classics, is history.

We've waxed about Garbage before but this album is probably the quintessential one for many of the fans.  It certainly contains some of their biggest hits in When I Grow Up and I Think I'm Paranoid along with their almost trademarked hybrid sound.  And while Version 2.0 is polished to a sheen, thankfully none of the magic has been rubbed off.  

And damn it, when Shirley sings "Darling, how would it feel if we sleep together?" I want to jump on the next plane to where ever she is and show her.  But I think I'd be last in a very, very long line.



Killer, killer, killer album.  The band at their balls-to-the-wall best.  That hot, hot blending of rock, pop and dance that made this album the best thing they've ever done.

My personal favourite is the song that's kept me going through many a hard time, The Trick Is To Keep Breathing.  Although the album is chock full of hits, it's this song that I return to over and over again.  Because it's me.  It's how I am.  It's the point I got to after a lot of ups and downs in my life, and it's sung to me by one of my favourite voices.  How good does that get?

Ah, but they're recording, and releasing a new album and TOURING to support it next year.  Be still my beating heart.  Will it be possible that I'll be in the same room as Shirley Manson once again?  Oh Father Christmas, if you love me at all, I don't want a big red india-rubber ball like King John did (AA Milne) but please, please will you make sure Garbage come here?  I promise I'll be good(ish)!


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  1. As you have already posted, so have I already commented so you know my views here. I would agree that this album just edges it over the debut but together they are dynamite. The soft/loud template never sounded so good and the musicianship is what you'd expect from session men. We should celebrate the day that they spotted Shirley Manson on that TV and made her a star. There are not many singers that I can feel totally relaxed listening to in a live environment knowing that they will never veer off key. Awesome.

    But just answer me this: how does Shirley come across as so damnably sexy yet sports one of the flattest chests in music? Women! I just don't understand them.

  2. Hmmm... speaking as a B-cup myself, I'm well aware of the hotness of the less well-endowed. Shirley has that raw sexuality that makes men think she might snap them like a twig. After seeing her perform live, I'd be inclined to agree!


  3. Mine - Haha! Good answer! I'll be looking out for that new album next year and I sincerely hope that they visit you down under.

    Merry Christmas to you and Yourz!