Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Kills - Midnight Boom


There is so much to admire about this band, the least being it is rich in garage, punk and art rock references.  Alison Mosshart (whose role in The Dead Weather has already been discussed here) and Jamie Hince take the two piece lo-fi aesthetic, add drum machines, bleeps, distorted guitar and thumping bass lines to create gems of gutter rock.

Living on opposite sides of the Atlantic (Mosshart in Florida and Hince in London) originally, the pair mailed each other tapes of tracks before Mosshart made the move the the Old Blighty and The Kills were born.

Three albums later, with the release of Midnight Boom, they remain true to their original template.  Every track on this is treat, but particularly Sour Cherry, U.R.A Fever, Last Day Of Magic and Cheap And Cheerful.  And the exciting news I gained from researching for this review is their next album is due out very soon.  I hope this means a tour next year cause I'd love to see 'em live too.



Well, it started out OK.  And most of it was fine, but my early hopes for a full-length masterpiece got smashed midway through when the Kills resorted to distored guitars and a bunch of feedback.  I mean, really.  Any indie rock band anywhere.  And there was such promise, especially on song 2, Cheap and Cheerful, which was distinctly hummable.

I loved it when they did the stripped-back sound I was hoping for from a two-piece act.  I hated it when they were predictable.  So pretty much a 50-50 deal, and that's not enough to win me over.


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