Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Jim Jones Revue - Burning Your House Down


This is turn your stereo up, windows right down, driving down the highway towards a bloodshot sunset music.  The night is in front of you, another shitty day is behind you and the only thing you can think about is getting yourself as far away from everything as possible.  But you'd settle for, at the very least, something cold, strong and easy to drink.

The Jim Jones Revue aren't doing anything that hasn't been done before, but who gives a fuck.  This is rock and roll in the tradition of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard through to Jon Spencer and every other greaser rock'n'roller in-between.  It is raucous, hot, sweaty and completely and utterly infectious.

I dare anyone listening to High Horse, for instance, to not want to kick back their chair, jump on the table and dance til you puke.  (Okay, maybe a bit over-the-top but then, so is this music).  Even if you've lost your youthful vim and vigour (and, please, let's not forget flexibility) you'd be thinking about doing it.  The only complaint I have about this album is that it seems over before I had even remotely enough.

So, Mine, they're coming to Australia early next year.  Waddaya think?  It would be loud, messy and we'd have a ball, I'm sure.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP, all the way up!


It was a little shouty in parts for me but mostly this is, as YourZ says, pants-down, gritty, bluesy rock (and furthermore roll).  I did find it a little difficult to listen to in a whole lump - but that's because this is party music.  I should be wrestling my way through the crush of bodies to find a drink while having a yelled conversation with someone I haven't seen for months over the too-loud music - and probably knocking over something valuable in the process.

It's not new.  It's not clever.  It's not remotely nice.  But it is a whole lotta fun.


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