Monday, December 6, 2010

Squeeze - 45's And Under


Hey, there's a song on here I never listen to!  It's called If I Didn't Love You and it's not very good.  As opposed to the rest of this album, which is not just good, it's essential listening.  I'm sorry, are you one of those people who think Squeeze only did Cool For Cats? Shame on you!

I was trying to decide which song's my favourite, and I'm kind of surprised to find that it's Up the Junction.  Not that Tempted isn't great, it's so well written I'm sure it makes songwriters cry, but it's the lyrics that get me in Junction.  You see the song follows this relationship from go to whoa, from first kiss through cohabitation, childbirth and divorce.  Often skipping months or years in a single line.

And there's so much more on here that's wonderful.  Is That Love, Goodbye Girl, Black Coffee In Bed... this is one of my favourite albums ever.



I remember seeing Glenn Tilbrook on RockKwiz in the not too distant past, doing my favourite Squeeze song, Tempted.  He absolutely killed it, as did the house band.  It was blisteringly brilliant and I often go back and watch it again, as I did for this review.  Tilbrook doesn't just have a killer voice but has his guitar chops too.  Check it out for yourselves here and see if I'm wrong.  

But to be honest, I wasn't much of a Squeeze fan back in the day.  I liked Cool For Cats and had it on one of those vinyl collections back in the day.  And I remember Up The Junction being played on radio.  But beyond these three tracks, I hadn't listened to any Squeeze or at least not that I can remember anyway.

But there are some really great tracks on this collection.  I have to thank Mine for introducing me to them.  I even liked the song she didn't even though I'll admit stacked up against some of the other gems in this collection is a bit unfair.  But only a bit.  Top stuff!


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  1. Saw then twice around about 'Argy Bargy' and enjoyed them alot yet never bought more than two of their albums. Must check out this compilation. You're right about the 'Tempted' video, I've just watched it and it's great. Surprisingly it sounds better a bit up-tempo which isn't always the case. Most times bands kill good songs by taking them too fast. Like you say - Top stuff!

  2. Ooooh, you saw them? I'm so jealous! And please do check out this compilation - it's a firm favourite in this house and gets requested by my sister-in-law (a Yank) whenever they come to visit!