Monday, February 1, 2010

George Michael - Ladies & Gentlemen - The Best Of George Michael


And he thought Kylie was bad... when the pointy stick landed on this CD I could hear the agony in YourZ' voice at the thought of having to listen to this, let alone review it.  But then, he's not fond of the dance floor, and I am. 

This double album is divided into two moods - and I've never listened to the first disc labelled "For The Heart".  URK *mimes vom*.  But Disc Two, "For The Feet," contains one of the best ever songs to hear on the dancefloor - Fastlove.  There's a moment on that - particularly in the remix - that's one of those moments.  When the world goes away and all that remains is your body, the music, the dancefloor... No?  It's the same in the Shep Pettibone remix of Madonna's Like A Prayer and Massive Attack's Be Thankful (Paul Oakenfold mix).  Only those who've experienced this on a dance floor - a really big one, preferably with lots of volume - will understand.

There are a few other good dance tunes on there but generally this is dreck.  So... now it's on the iPod...



Excuse me... *retch*...  Okay, I think I'm fine now... no, wait *retch*

Yep, this is what George Michael does to me.  I really tried to listen, I truly did but my hands rebelled and refused to push the play button.  Eventually, I used my nose, despite its dripping protests and sat through a quick selection of tracks before my ears closed down.

Nope, don't like it at all.  Not one bit...

VERDICT: THROW IT OUT (it burns, it buuuuuurns...)

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