Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aztec Camera - Love


It's completely impossible for me to be objective about this album, as it's been a mainstay of my life since I first heard it in 1988.  As I've mentioned before, this period was when I took a deep breath, left my first husband (YourZ sez: I'm glad of this, as bigamy is not a game I wanna play), and moved hundreds of kilometres to start a new life. 

1988 saw me introduced to a whole bunch of new things - like the concept there were people in Australia who weren't particularly excited by the Bicentennial celebrations and were instead protesting Invasion Day.  Like ecstasy - and dance parties - and the realisation I fitted into that world like nothing I'd experienced ever before.

But it also introduced me to Roddy Frame and his album Love - that now strikes me as being almost easy-listening.  I'm sure it's one of those acquired-taste things that "you had to be there" for, but I still love the lyrics from Somewhere In My Heart - "From Westwood to Hollywood/ There's one thing that's understood/ Is that you can't buy time/ But you can sell your soul/ And the closest thing to heaven is to rock and roll."

It's a vignette of a time long past and it may have a certain "Eau de Fromage" after all these years.  But I vacillate between wondering if I was ever really that young, and wondering how 20 years can have passed from a moment I recall as clearly as if it were yesterday.



As Mine says, this disc has a high cheese quotient.  To me, this kind of British soul (in this case coming from Scotland) has never been appealing.  Okay, the one possible exception is Paul Weller, but even then, I wasn't a fan of his soul music either.  Besides, Paul is in a completely different league, as far as I'm concerned.

The only song on this disc that sparked any recognition in me is Somewhere In My Heart.  I kind of remember it being on various music shows and the radio when it was released.  But it left absolutely no impression on me whatsoever.  To be honest, the whole sound of this record reminds me of a lot of what was bad about 80s pop music.


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