Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunscreem - O3


Oh, dear, this is really tragic. 

It is just the sort of techno dance schmaltz that makes me gag.  I never liked it, never got into it and especially never danced to it.  In fact, there is not a single song on this album I recognised.

I can, however, understand why Mine liked it.  Thankfully, her taste has improved greatly since then.  For example, look at who she married.



I had this great story all ready for this about how I saw them live and what happened when I did and then I realised I'm not thinking of Sunscreem at all.  No, I was thinking of Aussie band Def FX - only similar in the fact that they were around at the same time, played a similar kind of heavy duty dance and had a blonde lead singer.  Damn!  That was a good story.  All about how this really fat guy decided to get up next to the lead singer and boogie with her and how she wasn't into it and then he went to do a stage dive and the crowd just parted and he ended up faceplanting on the floor.  Oh well, I've used it anyway - no danger of needing it later because for some reason we don't own any Def FX.  Pity.  (YourZ sez: I supported DefFX years ago - they're nothing like this band.  They were more like early Nine Inch Nails, I think)

So this isn't getting the CD reviewed, sorry.  OK, I  used to wiggle around many dancefloors to Love U More, and their version of Broken English is kinda adequate.  It's a pretty standard 1993-era dance album and will now find a couple of tracks migrate over to my gym workout playlist.  But I'm only likely to put in on to the house CD player if I'm feeling, um, chemically motivated. (ooh, naughty!)


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