Friday, February 19, 2010

Madonna - You Can Dance


Oh yes, you can.  Dance that is.  Whatever anyone may say about Her Madgeness, you can't deny the lady knows how to shake her booty.

While I'm getting somewhat disturbed by the twists and turns her body's taking of late (do you eat, ever?  C'mon, you're only a few years older than me and I'm barely holding it down to a 2-kilo increase per year despite diet and exercise) Madonna has been a large part of my life and I own a whole bunch of her music and I'm never ever going to feel any differently about how I felt when I first saw her writhing on a road in the video for Borderline.

As an album of remixes this succeeds - but of course it was released before her best ever dance song, 1989's Like A Prayer.  Which I've mentioned before, and no doubt will mention again.  I mean, no shit, lots of people agree that's the absolute pinnacle of her danceness.

Anyway, let's get to the album which YourZ will sigh over having to listen (I'm just betting).  Spotlight - meh.  OK.  Holiday - ooooh my my.  Anybody else remember her and those two dudes wiggling on the podium at the Hacienda in 1983, as per UK TV's The Tube?  I used to know how to do that dance.  No, really.  Ahem.  (YourZ sez: ahhh, hahahahaha... no wait, ahhahahahaha... you're killing me, hahahahaha...) Everybody is a pretty bland song and this remix doesn't do it too many favours, but the Nile Rodgers remix of Over and Over isn't too foul.

And then there's Into the Groove.  As featured on Madonna's only great acting role,  Desperately Seeking Susan and that's only because she's just playing herself.  I love that movie, watch it at least once a year, never get sick of it.  Because don't you just know that Rosanna Arquette (Rosanna! oops had a Toto moment) (YourZ sez: oh yeah, thanks VERY MUCH for that, you bugger) is just wrong as a spa-salesman's wife and was born to be with Aidan Quinn?  This is the Shep Pettibone remix and we already know how I feel about his dealings with MadgeWhere's The Party is pretty lame but can we take it for granted how I feel about this CD?  No?  OK then.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (you can dance... for inspiration)


Alright, you know me well, Mine.  But hey, you're shooting fish in barrel with this one, aren't you?  You think I'm gonna sledge the fuck out it too, don't you?  Oh, and I could.  You know I could.  But you know what? I'm not gonna.  It would be too bloody easy, so I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of saying "I'm right, again", not this time.

I'm simple going to say I don't like it.  Never have, never will.  Your Radiohead bone is as broken as my 80s-disco-diva-dance-crap one.

There, see, not a single sledge in sight. (Mine says: oooh, the restraint.  Amazing.)


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In our collection, we also have Like A Prayer, Something To Remember, Ray of Light, American Life and Hard Candy


  1. Tricky this. In the 1980s I was a big Madge fan and I own everything up to 'Like a Prayer' which still ranks as one of my fav albums (the title track being well up in my all time list of great songs). But of late, well, let's just say I've fallen out of love and have sidled guiltily into the Lady Gaga camp - now there's a real talent...

  2. There's no question GaGa has taken the mantle from Madge. There appear to be many similarities, and the time was coming for a replacement. I hope GaGa's prepared for the isolation that seems to accompany the role. But I think you'd agree, Madonna really was the first to do what she did, the way she did. And has managed to reinvent herself brilliantly year after year. Now that's an artist where the greatest hits are the albums you want to buy.