Saturday, February 27, 2010

Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits


It's a gift!  And I think YourZ is a little pissed I don't play this more.  But there's a good reason for that.  I forgot I had it.  And now the chat is out of the sac, watch out!

Actually I love Robbie.  My sister-in-law is deeply fond of him, telling me "He's a bad boy and should be sent to my room".  He's a bit of a looker, there's no denying it.  But mainly I recommend this album be sent out to every music school and put on the syllabus as "Pop Song 101".   Williams and his songwriting mentor Guy Chambers turn out effortless pop, made less-than sweet by the lovely sardonic note that infuses everything Robbie sings.  They split up, didn't they?  Shame.

His best-ever song is Let Me Entertain You, which perfectly describes him - he's an entertainer.  But unlike a whole legion of people, I really, really dislike Angels, which I think is pop pap of the highest order.  No, I prefer the wry Robbie in ballads - like when he's singing Strong - You think that I'm strong/ but you're wrong/ you're wrong.

Whatever YourZ actually thinks of this I don't care (YourZ sez: and nor should you).  It's a Forgotten Gem as far as I'm concerned.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (shake your ass come over here)


Robbie Williams; a few years ago, every lad wanted to be him and every lass wanted their lads to be like him - cheeky, good looking, talented, sexy and, probably, rich.  But his appeal went a lot further than this.  When my mother tells me she thinks this Robbie fella is some kind of wonderful, then you know he's more than just another teeny pop idol.

I'm not a big fan of this kind of pop music, particularly the ballady stuff, but I can sure recognise how good it is, if only from an entertainment point of view.  And Robbie, if anything, is a fucking awesome entertainer.  I remember accidentally seeing some of his performance of old standards and he really did have the audience in the palm of his hand (I'm also sure he got so well laid after that show he probably didn't need sexy time for six months after).

I have a problem with the idea of 'Greatest Hits' collections though, particularly for an artist who hasn't really been around long enough to clock up enough hits to put on such an album.  Some of these songs were hits, sure (see Let Me Entertain You, Kids or Angels), but to call some of the other tracks hits is dubious. However, I also understand it is a great ploy for record companies who want to reinvigorate a favoured artist's career, as this collection certainly did this for Robbie at the time.  At least he didn't go the stage musical route.


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