Friday, February 12, 2010

Petula Clark - Greatest Hits


Wow, this takes me back.  I remember my mother singing along to a lot of these songs on the radio when I was a little tyke, pushing matchbox cars around the kitchen floor and generally getting under her feet.  There is something vaguely comforting about these tunes, almost like they're lullabys.  In fact, I found myself drifting off while listening to them. 

Oh, wait a minute, maybe this because I also find them pretty bland and boring, the kind of pop schmaltz I've never been interested in hearing.  But the fact that I pretty much knew every song on this disc kind of disturbs me too. 

The other thing disturbing me about this is just how invasive these tunes are as earworms.  Please, let's get rid of it before I turn into Engelbert Humperdinck (I can't believe I knew how to spell his name - scary!)



Alright, apart from Downtown and Don't Sleep in the Subway, this is pretty cheesy.  As I've mentioned before, my childhood soundtrack included a cassette that had Dusty Springfield and Petula back-to-back - the chief reason for buying this CD.

But no more.  Although as with Dusty, I do know all the words, some of the songs haven't travelled that well.  Particularly Colour My World - the tune used to promote a local TV station in my youth and which always makes me feel vaguely 13, spotty and awkward.

I can be reliably relied upon to burst into song while driving when this is on - but I seriously wouldn't play it if anyone else was in the car.


For more information: (OMG she's still performing!)

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