Monday, March 29, 2010

Chris Isaak - San Francisco Days


Dreamy, dreamy Chris Isaak.  The only bad thing I can say about this album is its cheesy K-Tel front cover, with all the songs listed on it.  I mean, urgh!  But the songs are - dreamy.  That gorgeous voice, beautiful, country-style songs, and the only time I've ever enjoyed a Neil Diamond song.  No, wait - I loved the Urge Overkill version of Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon in Pulp Fiction.  (YourZ sez: what about the Ups & Downs version of Solitary Man - always liked that one).

I've seen him live once, when he wore that amazing mirrored suit (how heavy must that thing be?)  And I'm fairly certain my knickers melted when he jumped into the audience, to stand on the back of the seats ONE ROW IN FRONT OF ME to serenade the screaming girls.  Hubba, hubba.

My only other Isaak story comes second hand - following a visit to the South Australian wine country.  I met up with a publicist who looks after artists during their annual Under the Stars concert.  She told me he's the nicest star she's ever met, no trouble at all and only too happy to speak to any number of journos, shake hands with fans, and so on.  One of the guys with her was telling Isaak his wife had just had a baby and was devastated she couldn't attend - so he got the man to phone her and chatted for a good five minutes.  What a guy.  The publicist said that was in extreme contrast to the Australian artist supporting him, who acted like a complete diva.  I'm naming no names, but she was popular on a kid's talent show and has achieved success in France.

Anyway, I love this album - my first Isaak - and look forward to listening to it more regularly.



Oh, he's so nice, isn't he?  Kind of makes me wonder if he has a big closet full of a secrets yet to be revealed or that maybe he's gay.  (Before I get inundated with death threats, please note I don't believe this myself). 

For someone who has been around as long as Chris has and given just how pervasive the cult of celebrity has become, he is amazingly untarnished.  I find it particularly refreshing he has been able to keep his private life very much to himself.  Of course, there is plenty of speculation about him (mostly on forums most likely administered by fan clubs), but for the most part, that's all there is.

He has the sort of voice that makes all the girls swoon and the reputation for being a gentleman and a funny and genuinely nice bloke.  He has carved an enduring career out for himself playing country-tinged old school rock, the kind of music that continues to be popular regardless of current trends.  To top this off, he is over 50 years old but still looks 20 years younger, the bastard!

Frankly, this music has never been my cup of tea (I prefer strong coffee with a dash of diethylamide for effect - look it up, kiddies).  I find it all a bit safe and polished for my liking.  Still, it isn't so bad it makes me wanna retch.


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