Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Datsuns - The Datsuns


The Datsuns brand of rock picks me up and drops me right back into my teen years, where summer days stretched out deliciously, skateboards were thick, the roads were smooth as glass and the waves were just perfect for body surfing.  Okay, maybe it wasn't all as great as this but my memories won't have it any other way.

This is the soundtrack in rock's revival tent, where the hair is long and the hands all throw up the devil's horns.  It is how rock should be remembered, not as a lumbering beast with too many serious faces but as a raucous, screaming-crazy mofo who won't ever stop being the life of the party and refuses, for one second, to be taken seriously.

As bad as the world seems some days, I thank fuck for bands like The Datsuns to remind me of just how good it can be too.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP as loud as it can go until the neighbours call the cops


Why is it that I can hear Audioslave and feel like it's derivative junk, and yet The Datsuns full-throttle rawk just makes me smile?  It's certainly more on the pop side of rock, which is always better in my book, but there's no glorifying it: this CD doesn't do anything new for music.

What it does do is open with blistering, balls-to-the-wall rock - and doesn't let up till the last notes have died away.  While it's not the sort of music I'd play on any occasion, I'm sure it could help me get ready to go out for a night on the town.  It's weird - the screamingness of the lead vocals doesn't bother me at all.  Maybe I'm just discounting it - New Zealanders can't possibly really be that angry, they live in too nice a place.


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In our collection we also have Head Stunts


  1. This album connects. Unfortunately for me their live shows don't as they play for longer than they really should. Maybe it is possible that I just missed seeing them in their early days and time has taken its toll on me and my patience.

  2. Chris, this is my favourite album of theirs. I've heard the others and own their latest, but this is the one for me. Its a shame to hear their live shows don't cut it. I always hoped they'd be like The Hives without the sharp suits. Oh well...


  3. I'm sure there live shows were great when this album came out. Unfortunately I wasn't living in New Zealand at the time so never witnessed their rise from these islands. Now they've got more material to choose from and seem to choose too much.

    On another note, the CD and card arrived yesterday. Thanks.

  4. I wouldn't mind seeing them live anyway, if only to cross them off my list.

    Good to hear the package arrived safe and sound. Hope you enjoy the disc, mate.