Friday, March 5, 2010

Clutch - Strange Cousins From The West


Oh there's some heavy-duty boy music bands coming our way this month, I can tell you.  And this is certainly one of them.  I tried to listen to all the songs, but I really couldn't.

My major problem with bands like these is they take themselves so seriously.  I mean, Clutch aren't as bad as that shouty band with the Armenians in it (YourZ sez: that would be System Of A Down, dear) - because who could be?  I don't think those guys even know how to spell irony.  Unless they're being supremely ironic.  Nah, you don't walk around with haircuts like that unless you mean it.  Makes me wonder how they ever get laid.

Clutch aren't as bad, but they still seem to lack any idea of how silly they can be.  I mean, who writes lyrics like "Anthrax, ham radio, and liquor" - and actually mean it?  Plus they love to mix the instruments up SO loud you can barely understand the singer, although he does mostly sing, not yell, which is a plus.

Not my kind of music at all - though they do get kudos for their environmentally-aware packaging.  Using cork as the holder for the CD?  Genius.

VERDICT: TURN IT DOWN (or play it when I'm out, hon, you know the drill)


I only discovered Clutch in the last 12 or so months.  I mean, I'd heard of them before, but had never listened to them.  I've asked myself why, believe me, and the only real answer I could come up with is the same excuse I've used before: so much music, so little time.  It fucks with my head, but at the same time does my heart good to know there are still bands out there I've yet to discover, bands who restore my faith in the mighty Temple of Rawk.

I now have a number of their albums and am planning on getting more.  I also saw them live when they toured recently for one of the myriad summer music festivals, SoundWave.  This was at a side show at a local venue and is, so far, my favourite live show of the year (admittedly this is the only one I've been to, so there's no competition at this stage).  Still, whoever else I see this year is going to have to put on one helluva kick arse, balls to wall rock show to beat Clutch.

Strange Cousins From The West is the first album released on Clutch's own label, Weathermaker Music, after the band had been put through the wringer with their previous labels.  Like their previous albums, they continue to develop their no bullshit hybrid of funk, blues and hard rock.  I have listened to this album many times now and still don't grow weary of it.  In fact, just writing this makes me want to listen to it again.  Don't fucking ask me to pick a favourite track either - it is just too hard.

I think the best way to put it is like this: Clutch is a band you either get or you don't.  I'm just stoked I do.


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In our collection we also have Robot Hive/Exodus and Pure Rock Fury (so far)

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