Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gyroscope - Breed Obsession


Oh, ERGH.  A poor man's Matchbox 20 or Nickelback.  Seriously bad lyrics and even worse song structure.  How this ever made it to Number One on the Aussie album charts... oh, right.  Not everybody feels the same way I do about Matchbox 20 or Nickelback.

I can't even summon up enough enthusiasm for a second paragraph.

VERDICT: THROW IT OUT (really, a long way away)


I thought I would like this album based on the fact I liked the first single, Snakeskin.  And I thought I'd do the right thing and support a local act.  I now believe the problem is I did too much thinking and not enough listening.

Having said this, I'm gonna have to disagree with Mine.  I think Gyroscope sound more like Foo Fighters wannabes than anything else.  Or maybe one of those awful emo bands so prevalent these days.  In fact, I think this description is probably more fitting as it sounds more like teen-marketed music than anything else. Why I spent dollars on this without listening to it first I'll never know.


For more information: http://www.myspace.com/gyroscope

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