Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moloko - Statues


I've already shared my love for the voice of Moloko - Roisin Murphy - and this album's their final one before the duo split and Ms Murphy embarked on a solo career.  Although recorded as recently as 2002, a re-listen has me a tad dissatisfied.

Sure, it features Roisin's dulcet tones, and her vocal range is awe-inspiring, but the samples and drum sounds seem a little dated for my liking.  It's a good dinner-party album, but doesn't feature any of the strong sounds that made Sing It Back and The Time Is Now such floor-fillers.



I love the story of how Roisin Murphy introduced herself to Mark Brydon, the erstwhile musician and co-founder of Moloko, at a party in Sheffield - "Do you like my tight sweater?  See how it fits my body."  No woman, not even in my wild and vivid imagination, has ever said anything like that to me, particularly at a party.  The 'tight sweater' line became the title of their first album and the two started dating, naturally.

Statues is at the other end of their career.  Unfortunately, there's no great story to end it, just the break up of the couple followed by the band.  It's hard not to like Roisin's sexy voice but as far as this album goes, it just sounds dated and kinda cheesy.  


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