Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eagles Of Death Metal - Death By Sexy


This band is so much frickin' fun.  From their publicity shots to their songs titles, lyrics, music and album covers, they exude unadorned cool, an LA hipness the rest of the world wishes it could have while despising it at the same time.  It just makes them even cooler.

Featuring Jesse 'Boots Electric' Hughes and Josh 'Baby Duck' Homme as well as a stunning guest lineup, the Eagles... are the kind of band parents warn their children about, to no avail, of course.

Josh takes a seat in this band and proves he is as equally at home behind the kit as he is in front of it (the talented, good for nothing bastard).  But with a frontman like Jesse, I think even Iggy Pop would wanna take a back seat.  Okay, maybe Iggy is stretch but I think you get my point.

I'm disappointed I have seen them live yet as their live shows are said to be non-stop sexy (and not is a Bruno kind of way either).  Next tour, come hell or high water, Mine, okay?



Oh, WAY cool!  These guys don't take themselves seriously at all and they totally rock. This whole album is going on the gymPod to help me push through yet another pain barrier - with a smile on my face.

And they're so rude.  I love I Gotta Feeling (Just 19) but it all rocks in the good way. You see, guys, this is the way to get girls to love your music.  DON'T BE SO SERIOUS.  As a matter of fact, the band that most came to mind when I was listening to them was The Sweet - a glam-pop-rock band in the 70s that I was very into in high school. Same sort of high-powered, cheeky music that just makes you want to bounce up and down.


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  1. You had me at the name "Death By Sexy"... will hunt this one down! i think that's where much current music goes horribly wrong - trying too hard!

  2. Oh, a convert! Yeah, I'm sure you'll like 'em daisyfae... hope you enjoyed your winter break, BTW. Funny thing, I was on holiday at the same time. But here, it's summer...

    Good listening, and give their other albums a spin, too!