Thursday, November 18, 2010

Killers - Hot Fuss


Occasionally, rarely even, the top 40 market, one I studiously do my damndest to avoid, actually recognises and supports worthwhile, well-made music.  The Killers is one such example.  When the first singles from Hot Fuss, were first released, they were hard not to like, sounding elementally British yet rangy and sun-toughened.  Given the band's hometown, this is hardly surprising, I guess.

The fact is front man Brandon Flowers, despite having a vaguely ridiculous name, looks like a rock star and actually has the talent to back up the looks.  And the rest of The Killers, while maybe not quite as - pretty - as Flowers, are no less capably talented. 

Thankfully, this is not an album put together around a few good singles but one that displays a certain understanding, if not adoration, of the pop song form as best exemplified by a number of 80s British bands (and there are a few to pick from or name check).  Album tracks like All These Things I've Done, Glamourous Indie Rock & Roll and the rockin' Midnight Show, earmarked them as a more than the sum of their huge hit, Mr Brightside

Listening to Hot Fuss has me thinking about whether this is yet another band whose follow up albums we should add to the list of must-haves.  Over to you, Mine.



We've gotta stop forgetting good albums like this.  I can't remember the last time we played Hot Fuss just because - and it can't be that long till we play it again.  Although it does have that ridiculous line in it - which song is that? I've got soul but I'm not a soldier has to be the silliest line in the best song.  (YourZ sez: silly!  I wish I'd written it, but then, I've been guilty of some absolute shockers in the past)
I just remember singing along to Somebody Told Me in the car when my sister-in-law and her daughter had come to visit and we were off to experience some serious retail therapy in the discount stores of Sydney, with the windows down, it was a hot day and we were just being - silly.

I can admit to being a trifle annoyed by the extent of the sonic fluffing occasionally put over the top of Brandon Flowers' vocals - because the dude can sing - but generally this is pure pop-rock heaven.  From a debut album, no less.


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  1. Mine - If I'd been in that car with you, I'd have been singing as well. It is just one of the most adrenaline fuelled uplifting tracks of all time. They topped the bill at Glastonbury a year or so back and having only played a small stage the year before, I was a bit unsure of them. After an hour or so, there was no doubt - they ARE a headline band. I'm afraid you're going to have to add their back catalogue to your list...

  2. Sometimes I wonder if I should feel guilty for loving The Killers, because it seems like rock-purists (I'm not sure how to refer to the snobby rock fans) seem to hate them - probably because they had success on mainstream radio. Hot Fuss is a stelar album, and the songs are unbelievably catchy and fun. Their latest album Day and Age is my personal favorite of theirs, I think it showed a positive evolution of the band. A lot is to be said of a band who can write unforgettable hooks and have some depth behind the music.

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  4. thanks for reminding me that i need to dig this CD out of the box in the basement and stick it back in my car - where it resided for the first 3 months i had it! endless loop! wheee!

  5. MO, I'd be interested in seeing them live but wonder if the screaming teen quotient would repel me. And the back catalog is on the list.

  6. Jeff, I don't feel even slightly guilty about liking them and nor should you. I dislike the stance a lot of so called purists take. I'd give anything to be a successful, well-selling musician. Its easy for the purists to cast their blinkered judgements, but for a working musician, there is nothing better than recognition and appreciation of their art.

    As I said, we're adding The Killers back catalog to our list of must-haves.


  7. Heya Daisy, pleased we've reminded you of how good this CD is... Hope you enjoy it all over again.