Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Wrapup


November has been a heck of a month for us, here at YourZenMine headquarters, both good and bad.  But life is like that and we're both aware that we have to take the ups with the downs but after everything, be thankful for the life we have.

One of the things bugging me this month has been my struggle with trying to keep this blog fresh and interesting.  While I have enjoyed taking on this challenge so much, I'm concerned I'm becoming a bit stale and boring.  I love writing every day, but as we are getting down to the last month and to the last remnants of our CD collection, it sometimes feels like a bit of chore.

We're also a bit concerned we might run out of music and have been discussing options of what we might do to fill in the small gap.  So far, the best idea is we review some of our favourite albums, ones that the pointy stick never landed on, much to our chagrin.

We've had various meetings regarding these issues among ourselves and our consultants at YZM HQ and the advice we've been given is to listen diligently, encourage the minions slaving away in the tunnels of our minds, spin up the FTL drives and prepare to launch into our final month.  We hope it's one to remember.


Dragging myself from my sickbed this month has indeed made the blogging a bit more of a chore and a bit less of a pleasure.  Seriously folks, I haven't been this sick for a long, long time - and while it's only bronchitis, it's made me realise how much I've enjoyed rugged good health for all the rest of the year.

So I'll keep this short and say I'm thinking now I'm looking forward to having a break after next month.  Didn't think I'd be saying that when we started!

This month we'll be giving away a CD to a relatively new reader/commenter - NurseMyra.  If you haven't read her blog, go over there now.  It's an ever-expanding eclectic treat of amazing facts about people you've probably never heard of.  Frankly, I don't know where she finds the time!  We'll be passing her a copy of what was certainly my favourite album of the Month - Martin Craft's Silver and Fire, and I hope she finds it as amazing as we do.


  1. Still reading every day, even though i don't always comment! you're 11/12ths done, and i still get a kick out of your posts!

    here's to better health ahead!

  2. Wow! Is it a year already? Really like this blog, so please don't stop. When I started to write my book (sorry about the plug) I gave a lot of thought to what it is about music that I like and one facet was the reason for liking it. This sort of thing fascinates me - the stories, the embarrassments, the nostalgia, often completely unrelated. Every piece of music has a story to tell, but everyone's story is different, a bit of personal history and that is what I like about it. Your blog gives me just that - another view on common ground.

    I love your little stories about past lives and odd circumstances, it makes the music come alive. It is what I try to do with my blog, but finding others with a like mind is not easy.

    So, How about the 'favourites that avoided the pointy stick' category? There must be a whole bunch of them with stories to tell. Can't wait!

  3. Daisy, thanks for the support and for the good wishes. We're well on the mend...


  4. MO, yes it has been nearly a year! Sometimes I find it hard to believe how quickly time flashes by. For us, the joy has been not just in writing this but in meeting such wonderful people as yourself. Thanks for the continued support and words of encouragement. They are just the tonic we need.


  5. And it's thanks to daisyfae that I found you guys!

  6. Have listened to the whole album once... so far my favourite track is Love Knows How to Fight.....