Thursday, November 25, 2010

Testeagles - Non Comprehendus


This album has been a favourite of YourZ (truly) since it first came out.  I remember seeing Testeagles some time before Non-Comprehendus, their only full length album to date, was released in 2000.  They impressed the hell outta me with a sweat-drenched performance that was part rock and part hip hop.  Although there were a number of bands around combining the two, I hadn't seen any live.  Their show was the first I remember that combined both traditional instrumentation and samples, backing tracks and bits of electronica so effectively.  Of course, now this is de rigueur for many bands.

This debut featured a number of singles, namely Turn That Shit Up, Underdog and Like No Other.  From an outside perspective, it could be their sound was appropriated from bands like Limp Bizkit and Korn, but Testeagles took themselves far less seriously than their American counterparts.  But at the same time, they also have a sound akin to hard rock Aussie acts like Grinspoon.  Where ever their sound came from, it never fails to invigorate and motivate.

After being dropped by their label for undisclosed reasons, Testeagles have not released anything since this album, instead choosing to play the odd live show and national support or fesitval.  It is a shame as there is a definite gap in the Australian market place for such a band to fill.  And even though it has been a very long time between recordings, it would be really nice to hear something new from the band.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP, yeah, turn that shit up!


OK, now I'm really confused.  I've been breathing a sigh of relief whenever the pointy stick passed this band by, because I had an idea they were another one of those American shouty-boy rawk bands that YourZ takes delight in annoying me with (YourZ sez: I take no delight in it, my love, but if you want me to, I can).

Instead, they're from Adelaide.  South Australia.  And they sound like they're from Sarf Lundun.  Like Prodigy, innit?  OK, there are some straight rock tracks that I skipped over, but I was truly getting down to that fine line where rock and electronica meet.  Stunning work, boys.  See you on the dance floor.


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