Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Bloodhound Gang - Hooray For Boobies


The Bloodhound Gang are puerile, juvenile, crass and so much fun.  They've also been accused of being sexist, racist, misogynistic and advocates of rape, violence and contributors to the moral degradation of young people everywhere (so has just about every rock and roll start from Chuck Berry on, so this is nothing new).  If people are too dumb to understand the obvious humour, they should go back to reading their fucking bibles and tilling their fields with their asses (or donkeys).

As I said, the humour's so obvious, there's no doubting their intentions - the boys just wanna have fun.  The reality is that the music is actually really good, with great pop arrangements and clean production.  Hooray For Boobies also spawned their biggest hit in The Bad Touch.

The worst thing about this record is the infectiousness of their hooks.  Mine has mentioned in previous posts about catching herself singing inappropriate lyrics at the worst of times.  Well, The Bloodhound Gang are write those sorts of songs.  The Ballad Of Chasey Lane is one such track where I have caught myself singing at work just in time (look the lyrics up and check out the chorus - you'll get my drift).  And this album has a number of songs like this, dammit all.

While Hooray For Boobies and The Bloodhound Gang generally are the musical equivalent of a nut shot or a bad joke about the mentally handicapped that you know you shouldn't laugh to but you do anyway, in small to medium doses, this is a helluva lot of fun. 



It's no stretch to find the Bloodhound Gang appearing on Jackass - because when I was thinking about writing this review I thought to myself - these guys are what Jackass would be if it was a band and not a TV show (YourZ sez: wish I'd thought of this one - perfect).  Their music is so un-PC it does occasionally give me a twinge listening to it - especially to songs like A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying, hysterically funny though it is.

In fact, the Bloodhound Gang is the band Judd Apatow would be in.  It's every teenage boy's dream, with porn stars, scatological humour and some of the most realistic gagging noises ever heard on a CD.  Made me wanna hurl, I'll tell you.

And while they're funny and rude, there's one thing you might miss if you just concentrate on that: they're good musicians.  The songs are imaginatively written and well put together.  BUT - I'm a bit old for this on a full-time basis.  I'll mark it fun to drag out every now and again for a giggle, but not one to put on heavy rotation.


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