Thursday, May 13, 2010

Resin Dogs - Grand Theft Audio


Brisbane hip hop collective, Resin Dogs, released Grand Theft Audio in 2000 but if you listen to this mix of beats, live instrumentation, scratches and samples, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a big beat release, as the dance influence throughout the record is obvious and, in fact, won the band an Australian Dance Music award.

To me, these guys represent what hip hop is truly about.  There's none of the poseuring or posturing often associated with the genre.  Instead, there are some really well produced tracks that combine great use of samples and live instrumentation.  The cross-section of samples from jazz to lesser-known hip hop artists also show a depth and broad-based musicology.  Not only this, but the band pulls it off live, with extended jams and an energy and live dynamic that is hard to ignore.

The other thing about Grand Theft Audio is most of the tracks are instrumental-based, often only relying on sampled vocals to carry the hooks.  Unburdened, as such, makes for some interesting, although limited-tricked, arrangements and production.  However, this small criticism aside, it is a great high energy record that isn't pretending to be anything else and would bring life to even the dullest of parties.



Hip-hop collective?  This is Big Beat!  And I'm speaking as a woman who has a Big Beat 3 CD collection.  This is a CD simply crying out for a party to go to, one where the guests break off from conversations to take a trip around the dance floor, pulled there by the infectious rhythms pumped out by the Dogs.

Grand Theft Audio should have a place in any collection that has any respect at all for dance music  because that's what it encourages you to do, in the best of all hip-swinging, foot-tapping, hands-in-the-air type ways.  I think I got to see them at a Big Day Out one time, but my memory could be failing me.  (YourZ sez: nah, I was there and we were dancing in the bleachers)  That happens.  Or so they tell me.  Whoever "they" are.  Usually the ones telling me I can't do whatever it is I want to do right now.

Which is to put this on and have a party.


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