Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mammal - The Majority


I don't quite know what to say about this band.  They came out of nowhere, grabbed a lot of attention from rock-minded fans in Australia, released a couple of live EPs and The Majority then promptly fell apart.  In the three years they were together, they played some enviable gigs and supports, including a turn on the Big Day Out stages right around Australia in 2009.  It kinda makes me wonder where they fucked up.

The Mammal rock formula is, well, formulaic but this isn't necessarily meant as an insult.  However, if you're a RATM fan, you might not necessarily approve, because there certainly are some similarities.  The music is tight, driving and suitably groove-based while lead vocalist Ezekiel Ox's vocals, particularly on the harder tracks, are very reminiscent of Zack de la Rocha although to his credit, Ox can and does sing too.

The Majority isn't bad, its just boring as batshit.  And while Mammal won an award for best live band at the Music Oz awards, it certainly wasn't enough to save the band from imploding before it really achieved anything.  Cruelly, perhaps, this really is no great loss, particularly if it means more dedicated, grounded and together bands now get a shot.



Pedestrian.  (YourZ sez: you were able to say in a single word what I couldn't manage in three paragraphs, damn it all)


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