Friday, May 21, 2010

Julie Brown - Trapped In The Body Of A White Girl


Oh, jeez, what can I say without being offensive...

Ahm...  Nope, can't say that.

Erm...  Nah, better not say that!

Oh, fuck it, Trapped In The Body Of A White Girl, for all its novelty song value, still sucks harder than a V8 vacuum cleaner.  No, really it does. 

The music on it says 80s but not in a good way.  Julie has a voice not unlike the character out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show who only gets the lead for one song just in case her voice annoys too many people. 



OK, fate has it that the pointy stick landed on the second of my two strictly novelty albums, and the one I really don't ever, ever listen to.  But I have to admit to a shocking liking for the odd novelty tune.  Not in the realm of Who Let The Dogs Out? or any Chipmunk-flavoured fare, but I do have a soft spot for songs like Cows With Guns and Elvis is Everywhere.

So it's not such a stretch to find that I bought this CD (for about five dollars, as I recall), because of the delightful The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun.  But while it also has the equally hilarious I Like 'Em Big and Stupid, it sadly misses out on her other great song, 'Cause I'm a Blond.  But while most of this album is strictly forgettable, the two songs I love mean it's staying with us, baby.

For those of you who are puzzling over where you might have seen her before - she's also an actress and appeared alongside Geena Davis in Earth Girls Are Easy.  And to YourZ, who's no doubt shaking his head sadly over this aberration, all I have to say is: The Bloodhound Gang. (YourZ sez: yeah, yeah...)

VERDICT: TURN IT UP ...give me a moron with talented hands

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