Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dhol Foundation - Big Drum Small World


The title track really rocks but most of the rest is a bit ambient for my taste.  I love bhangra and I've often bemoaned the fact we don't have more in our collection.  But not enough to actually go out and buy some, it seems.  *sigh*  OK babe, add that to the list of stuff to buy.

Listening to this album wouldn't be to everyone's liking.  I'd describe it mostly as "dinner party music" - a nice backdrop to conversation with pretty arrangements and nothing to break in to conversation, but snazzy enough to ensure there's no awkward silences.  However that got me thinking it would really space out guests if you chose to play this and then served Italian food.  And I wondered if it would affect your appreciation of a meal, if you were listening to Indian-flavoured music but eating something else, like a Scandinavian smorgasbord.

Now I have to have a dinner party and freak out my guests. (YourZ sez: there are so many things I'd like to say but I value my testicles far too much)



As Mine says, this would be best played as interesting background music at a dinner party.  The combination of traditional Punjab and contemporary western instruments makes for something out of the ordinary.  But this is about as far as it goes for me.  I don't mind bhangra either but not enough to actively seek more examples of it out. 

Having said this, I'm glad this CD is in our collection, if only to remind me of just how wide-reaching music (and our collection) can be.  As for Mine's idea of a 'freaky' dinner party, I'm all for anything that involves music and food.

VERDICT: TURN IT DOWN (don't want to upset stomachs, do we?)

For more information: http://www.dholfoundation.com/

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