Sunday, May 23, 2010

D.I.G. - Deeper


Directions In Groove or D.I.G., as they are commonly known, were a popular Acid Jazz band from my hometown of Sydney who built a career on smooth, groove-laden tracks often accompanied by similarly-smooth MCing. 

For the most part, they completely passed me by as I've never been a fan of this kind of music.  But I was pleasantly surprised with Deeper as it's a very consummately-played piece of music.  I also recognised a number of the tracks, probably from years of devoted radio-listening. 

Two Way Dreamtime opens the album with the very-Australian sound of a didgeridoo before kickstarting a very dance-orientated groove.  This formula is repeated for a number of tracks (most notably Reinvent Yourself) but for the most part, this album plumbs the depths of acid-jazz instrumental territory, real estate I know very little about.  And while all the tracks are extremely well played, as well as polished and produced until they shine, there's very little to maintain my interest. 

This would be the perfect music background music for a chilled dinner party or perhaps when I need to put myself to sleep quickly.



I think I've probably seen D.I.G. more than any other band.  They had a three month residency at Kinselas in Sydney at a time when I was a regular there, hanging around the pool tables with my friend Anne from New Zealand.  She instantly formed a bond with the band's drummer, the oh-so-gorgeous Terepai Richmond, and we could be found dancing to them most weekends.

So when YourZ mentions their musicianship, I'm seriously not surprised.  Every single one of the songs on this album was played over and over and over again to that crowd in Sydney, and I know they toured along the Aussie eastern seaboard.  I was always a fan of bass player Alex Hewetson - he had a deadly way with a funky beat that'd make anyone's hips twitch.

I've also seen the other incarnation of this band - the funk act Professor Groove and the Booty Affair - which have to be experienced to be believed.  If they ever play in Sydney again I'll be there.  But D.I.G. were part of a particular time and place - and while the music's still truly great, it represents a part of my life that's well and truly over now.


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