Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gerling - Bad Blood


Bangin' tunes.  Made we want to throw my hands in the air, hunt out some glowsticks and take a trip to the nearest nightclub.  BUT (sorry YourZ) I do have a problem with this CD.  Like a perfectly-ripened peach, like a sticky toddler playing on a shag carpet, like a drunk-driver about to make his debut on a Most Wanted reality show - this CD has FUZZ all over it.

Seriously, it's like they found the fuzz button on the effects box and thought "Oh, that'll fit in there - and there- and there..."  Plus there's the not-so-occasional shouty lyric.  And call me conservative, but I like listening to music where people sing.  As I've explained in boring length and detail on many other reviews, right here.  At least it goes to show I'm consistent.  Whether it's hip-hop, rock, metal or dance, Mine says PLEASE DON'T SHOUT.  Or only for effect, not right the way through the song.  Thankyou.

But the tunes are bangin'.  I could probably forgive the "We've Got  A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It" attitude Gerling have if I've had enough to drink and fancy shakin' my ass, but otherwise...



Gerling are a great indie band from my home town of Sydney.  I've seen these guys around heaps but have only seen them perform live a few times which is truly an experience in itself as these are often organised chaos and a truck-load of crazy.

I really like their DIY ethic too.  They've always operated in their own space, taking very little notice of popular trends or music directions.  They are fearless in their adoption of electronica and were one of the first bands I heard that effectively combined both indie guitars and electronica into something much more interesting than I thought possible.  They were also one of the first bands where I heard the term 'indie-dance' applied to them.  It was this fearlessness that helped inspire me to set up my first home recording studio and start experimenting with digital technology.

Bad Blood, their third full length, is probably the most polished of their albums (although I haven't heard 4, the last album they released before going on an indefinite hiatus).  It certainly sees them expanding on their unique palette of instrumentations.  There is more than a little nod, in respects, to the musical adventurousness of acts such as Sonic Youth, although Gerling has a pop sensibility and a cheekiness not associated with Thurston and co. 

The album jumps from indie-rock to indie-dance and back again.  While this might sound like a confused playlist (and probably would be in the hands of lesser performers), Gerling move seamlessly from one mode to another, proving you can have your dance and rock it too.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP and let's get freaky

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