Monday, May 31, 2010

May - Wrapup


Its been a bit of a funny month for me.  This is mostly due to the weather - I get annoyed around the change of seasons, particularly going from summer into winter.  I'm really a tropics person and losing the ability to wear tee shirts and no shoes makes me cranky.  But not too cranky.  Mine knows this about me and (thankfully) employs effective counter-measures to keep me in line (lots of love and comfort food).

We saw Ironman 2 this month and, despite Aussie critics giving it average ratings, thought it was fucking awesome.  I've been loving the superhero movies (with the exception of the last Spiderman - what a piece of crap that was; and Ghost Rider - the less said about that, the better).  I can't wait to see what Marvel movies does with the New Avengers and Captain America.  I'd also like to see what DC does with JLA but I know its on hold (at least according to various 'insider' sources).  Hopefully, Green Lantern will be on the big screens soon, though.  What I'd really like to see on the big screen is Transmetropolitan or Planetary or one of those 'outsider' series.  But that ain't gonna happen. 

Anyway, back to the music.  This month, we had much discussion (well, a little bit, anyway) about who we were going to give a CD to and decided on our friend Jeff, from Imagine Echoes, who has left us some great comments and been an excellent supporter of our efforts almost from the start.  So Jeff, if you're reading this, email us your address as we'd like to send you some padded baggy goodness.

I'd like to mention again the 'Free To A Good Home' list.  If you know someone who would like anything on this list, tell them to let us know.  To reiterate, this is a completely commitment-free offer to anyone interested enough to send us an email with their details.

Hope all our northern hemisphere friends are enjoying the warmer weather.  While you are, if you could occasionally think of us on the other side of the world, huddled around our heaters, it would at least warm our hearts.


So this month has allowed me to indulge my love of... numbers.  After getting this blog underway and determining we were really going to make a go of it, I succumbed to my inner need for control, analysis, and numbers, and installed a tracking program to see who was reading us, if anyone.  And I've been pleasantly surprised at the results.  There are a bunch of you, we're getting more every week, and while most of you come from English-speaking countries (the USA, UK and Australia are top-three) - there are also readers in Germany, Brazil and France.  So, Guten Tag, Ola and Bonjour to you.

For those of you who are interested, we're using Google Analytics to marshal the stats.  And for a free service, I've been gobsmacked by how good it is and how easy it is to use.  I'm always a tad cynical of the "free" tag on software, because often the free part is as good as - well just about anything you get for free.

I've also this month really enjoyed being able to load six CDs into my car's stereo system at one time.  Makes the job easier.  And the ride easier, too.  Auf Weidersehen,  Adeus and Au Revoir to you all.


  1. Yourz - I'm a bit of a comics fan myself. It started in the (ahem) 60s and after a long break I've just started reading them again - but only DC, I never got into Marvel. My life has been illuminated this month by the return of the Legion of Superheroes, my all time favourites. Sad I know.

    Mine - I use, another free tracking service and have always been amused by the results. Post anything about the Beatles and your stats go through the roof. It seems the world still can't get enough of them but I really don't know why after all this time.

    Both - Some interesting stuff reviewed this month, about which I know nothing so my education continues! Keep up the good work.

  2. MO, good to hear from you, mate. Also good to hear you're a comic fan like me. While I like both DC and Marvel, I'm also a big fan of Vertigo, Image, Wildstorm and a few others.

    I can highly recommend anything by Warren Ellis or Brian K Vaughn (Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Ex Machina or Y: The Last Man, to name a few) and also highly recomment the Fables series - a great update on fairy tales but definitely for adults only. And you thought you were sad...

    Thanks for your continuing support, mate. Much appreciated.


  3. MO, I'm still getting to grips with what the numbers actually mean. It's weird - when I first started looking at them the weekends had our biggest traffic, and mostly from searches. Now it's during the week we get the most hits and mostly from referring sites. Bizarre. Must remember to watch when we (eventually) post a Beatles item.

    Glad you're still enjoying our rambles...