Friday, April 30, 2010

April - Wrapup


This month for me has been the one where I finally realised I can really do this.  I mean, write about music every. Single. Frakkin'. DAY.  And love it.  The shine has not worn off this new toy.  There's still that new-blog smell hanging around - but it's proving to be so comfortable to put on every day.  No blisters.  OK, that's enough of the wide-ranging metaphors.

Sure, there are days when I wince at the thought of what awaits me on the drive to and from work.  But even the worst of the albums this month has given me something to talk about.  In fact, it's some of the not-bad-but-not-so-good albums that leave me searching for words.

It's also the month that I felt a bit more of a connection with our readership.  Hi there!  Welcome to this exclusive club.  As many of our friends tell us (and as we kind of know) there are a bunch of you who read us and don't comment.  And that's truly OK, as I'm oh-so-guilty of that myself on the blogs I follow.  But I'm going to up the ante a bit by asking you (you know who you are) to vote occasionally.  Down at the bottom of each review?  No biggie.  Takes less than a second to point-and-click.  We'd just like to see what you think of our collection.



Well, we're a third of the way through this exercise and already Mine and YourZ (truly) are talking about extending it as we love doing this so much.  We're also looking at our DVD collection and our truly massive book collection and wondering whether we could do the same with these.  Obviously, reviewing a movie or a book a day would be a truly stupendous feat but we are nothing if not stupid...  (Oh, wait a minute, that's not what I meant at all).  But seriously...

In this last month, we've gained the hour we lost in daylight savings, had far too much chocolate (the only concession to Easter we practice), updated various home devices (flat screen tvs are the shit, man), bought a new car (the first brand new car I've ever had) and spent a lot of time laughing at and playing with our two wonderful kittens, Dusty and Joe.  We've also listened to some very fine music, both old and new.

There has been a few favourites for both of us this month, but none more so than Eskimo Joe's Songs Of The City, Songs Of The Sea.  We like it so much we've decided to give it away to another of our semi-regular respondents, Music Obsessive (see his great blog here) who, we hope, will also like it lots and help spread the word about this wonderful Aussie act.  So if you're reading this, MO, please flick us an email with your address and we'll package it up and send it on to you.

Again, I have to mention we've got some great CDs piled up and waiting for anyone to claim them.  Check out the 'Free To A Good Home' list and let us know if you'd like any of these.  I'm also going to mention the point and click boxes at the bottom of our reviews.  It is not a big ask and would make interesting statistics for us to play with later.


  1. I'd definitely read the movie review blog if you two do decide to do it.

  2. Love the blog, you two are doing an awesome job. It's been one of my favorite blogs to read. It's a great idea having the two of you listening to the same music on the same schedule and posting your thoughts. Keep going strong!

  3. Hey Chris, thanks for the thumbs up on the movie one. Might be a bit more of a challenge, timing wise but we like a challenge.


  4. Jeff, thanks heaps for the support, mate. Much appreciated. We're enjoying this immensely.


  5. You guys are so kind... just adding my thanks for your support.