Monday, April 12, 2010

The Cars - Complete Greatest Hits


When YourZ informed with excitement some time ago that he'd bought this CD, my response was lukewarm.  And I guess it's kind of remained that way - not because the tunes aren't good, because they are; and not because I don't like the band, because I do; but because working in commercial radio has ruined The Cars for me.

They are such a staple of classic hits radio, it's quite impossible for me to get overly enthused about Let's Go or  Shake It Up.  It's a bit like Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street - once a firm favourite and now it makes me cringe.

Which is sad, because listening to the songs in a bunch like that instantly transports me to my last year of high school, where Candy-O was a staple record in many people's collections.  Not to mention the visceral response I have to My Best Friend's Girl due to an unfortunate incident where I was "the girl" referred to.  In fact, listening to the song the other day made me remark out loud to myself "What were you thinking?"  All I can say is - sorry, Richard.



Ah, yes, The Cars. They hold a special significance for me. Let's Go was the first single I ever bought with my own money (and I still have it too). I'm amazed it hasn't been worn flat with the amount of play it's received over the years. I coveted the album it came from, Candy-O, like you wouldn't believe but wasn't able to afford to buy it. Thankfully, friends who had it taped it so I didn't miss out. A few years later, when I had the funds, I was able to buy my very own copy.

Unlike Mine, I have absolutely no problem with listening to any of the songs on Complete Greatest Hits (well, maybe with the exception of the later ballady songs, which never really appealed to me anyway). Listening to the collection for this review reminded me of being in a covers band in the early 80s and playing a number of their song (the band, in very 80s fashion, was called U4RIA - geddit? The irony, oh the irony, was we were a 5 piece and thought we were so clever) My Best Friend's Girl and You Might Think were staples of our set and very popular with both the band and audience.

I also remember being blown away by their use of technology. They managed to rock and sound new wave at the same time - how cool! And the overdubbed vocals (reputed to be 72 tracks in You're All I've Got Tonight, for instance) was only rivalled, at the time, by Queen. All this served to make a very big impression on me, both as a fan and as a wannbe rock star. I still love simple-sounding rock tunes the most.

But mostly doing this served to remind me I need to add Candy-O and Shake It Up to our ever-growing list of CDs to own.

For more information go to: (I know, it's Wikipedia but it's all there is)


  1. Yourz, I loved the Cars debut album.(It wasn't the first album I bought with my own money but it may be one of the first five.) I really liked Candy-O, too.

    Their debut album is one of a handful albums which I bought the album, the 8-track, the cassette and CD. haha! I loved how all of the songs just blended together. Plus their song Moving in Stereo was in one of the best scenes in movie history ... LOL.

    BTW .. The first album I ever asked my parents to buy for me was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and the first album I ever bought with my own money was Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life.

    Another BTW .. How good is Plastic Beach? I'm ashamed to admit I've only heard Stylo. :(

    Yet another BTW ... Season 3 of Breaking Bad is awesome, mate. You're going to love it. You know you are the only person I know who watches it. :/

  2. Udigit, first of all, good to 'see' you, mate.

    I'm not going to reveal here what the first album I bought was (it is a blog in itself, I think) but I will say it wasn't nearly as cool as yours.

    I had to look up what movie you were referring to and when I did, I remembered the scene well. Yes...

    Oh, where was I? Boobies are so distracting.

    Plastic Beach is fantastic. I'm really liking it although it is very different to previous releases. Mos Def is mos great.

    Season 3 has just started here and we're loving it so far. We've converted a few people to it as well, although they are annoyed we don't have Season 2 on DVD so they can borrow it as well. Let 'em suffer, I say LOL