Friday, April 2, 2010

Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague


Did you come back to see what I was talking about yesterday?  So, here we are with another album of covers - this time turning the originals into more French-chillout-ambient-lounge music.  What I instantly thought of as "music for cocktail parties", and which Amazon classifies as bossa nova/easy listening.  It makes me want to grab a martini and stand in a corner, slitting my eyes against cigarette smoke and feigning interest in this gorgeous-but-boring guy's conversation with my feet killing me in super-high heels... actually that doesn't sound very appealing, does it?

For me the outstanding hit of this album is their version of The Dead Kennedys' Too Drunk To Fuck.  It's a killer.  And I love how The Cure's A Forest sounds in bossa nova style.  But it's not something I'm enthused about.  Funny, we were just reflecting that the booze cabinet's getting kind of full - maybe we need to throw a cocktail party and use this as the soundtrack.  How about it, YourZ?



Yesterday, I panned Mike Flowers Pops for their godawful covers album but today, to use a music analogy, my tune has definitely changed.

Nouvelle Vague bring a Gauloise-hazed, staggeringly chilled vibe to their selection of 80s punk and new wave hits, some of which happen to be some of my all-time favourite songs.  Mine has mentioned both The Dead Kennedys and The Cure but failed to mention their absolutely stunning cover of The Clash's Guns Of Brixton or the suprisingly cool version of the Joy Divison classic, Love Will Tear Us Apart.  XTC's Making Plans For Nigel, P.I.L's This Is Not A Love Song and Friday Night, Saturday Morning, originally by The Specials, are also well served by this French duo.

I think the reason I enjoy this so much is because despite the chance of this album being completely fromage-y (it's not), there's an obvious reverence Nouvelle Vague have for their source material and the sense of musical respect they have for the bands who did these much-loved songs.

And Mine, yes, I think it is time we emptied the liquor cabinet, but I insist on two things: no Cha Cha music and as little cheesiness as possible.  Can you dig it, chicky-babe?


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