Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Mike Flowers Pops - A Groovy Place


I don't know how to react to this album.  Part of me wants to laugh out loud and the other part wants to run from the room screaming 'it burns, it burns'.  Hearing Wonderwall like this makes sense though; I never liked the song and thought the words were absolute crap but as a piece of lounge music, it is well-suited (pardon the pun).

There is also something weirdly beguiling about the choral version of Bjork's Venus As A Boy, even though it makes me cringe.  And to hear the medley of Velvet Underground songs done like this is silliness almost bordering on genius.  I did say almost. 

Mostly, this album serves to remind me of a lot of the compilation albums my parents unfortuantely brought - you know, things like Moog Plays The Beatles, Hammond Party Hits or some such tripe.  Either that, or like I'm stuck in an elevator going straight to music hell.



When I saw what date this CD review was to be posted, it made me smile - there's something very fitting about a novelty album review on April 1.  It's one of only two albums I'd truly call "novelty" in our collection - both bought by Mine (good self), although the album being reviewed tomorrow kind of teeters on the edge.  But you'll have to come back tomorrow to see what that is, I'm not giving it away here.

Anyway, I bought this because their version of Wonderwall is the best way to show just how ridiculous the lyrics to that tune are.  And because I have a deep-seated regard for lounge music, largely due to my parents purchase of another novelty album, many years ago.  Christmastime from The Swingle Singers made its way onto our turntable year after year.  And there's something so lounge about acapella like this, isn't there?

So, a silly CD for a silly day.  Their version of Light My Fire shows how close to easy listening the original is, and their Venus As A Boy is actually delightful.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (I'm not foolin') (YourZ sez: oh fuck, I wish you were)

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