Saturday, April 10, 2010

Black Box Recorder - England Made Me


I happened on BBR by way of a sample disc of new music loaned to me by a firend, and I will say I have absolutely no recollection about any of the other artists featured on the disc.  In fact, when I got to Child Psychology and its ravishing chorus (Life is unfair/ Kill yourself or get over it) I laughed out loud, then played the song over and over again, before buying the album.  Which I had to order from the UK because it wasn't released here at the time, of course.

Sarah Nixey's quiet cut-glass tones and dead-pan delivery make the songs even more powerful.  And of course lyrics girl here loves the band that can deliver lines like that, and on England Made Me (I caught a spider/ and trapped it in a glass/ I kept it for a week/ To see if he would last)  I don't think the cover of Up Town Top Ranking really works, but check out their version of Seasons in the Sun on The Worst Of...

Anyway, after this album I bought everything they ever put out. Love 'em.  Especially for their Britishness, which maybe not everybody will get.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP Dear old dismal England on a Sunday


When I first met Mine and we started talking about music we loved, I remember her talking a lot about Black Box Recorder.  But unfortunately, my music, as she will readily admit, seemed to swallow hers, almost to the point where it might have been contentious had I not had such eclectic and, at instances, brilliant taste.  (Mine says: always modest, my husband) Also, I was a hard working indie musician and she had a great appreciation for this so she let me be enthusiastic about all the music I loved.

As a result of my blinkered-ness, I missed out on hearing some seriously good tunes.  That is until we started this project.  While we have crossed some perilous waters and seen some rotted hulks sink to the obscure depths where they belong (do I dare mention fucking Sugar Ray again?  Yes, I do) we have also dug up some great buried treasure or Forgotten Gems along the way.  If I'd been fucking paying attention all those years ago, then listening to England Made Me for this review would have reminded me of how great this album is and led to me declaring it yet another amazing record.

Instead, I have to eat a big, rich piece of humble pie and apologise profusely to Mine for not fucking listening in the first place and say, most sincerely, you were right.  England Made Me is indeed a treasure.

Next time, honey, just tell me to shut the fuck up.
VERDICT: TURN IT UP (Mine says: oh I love saying this - I TOLD YOU SO!!!)

In our collection, we also have: The Facts of Life, Passionoia and The Worst of Black Box Recorder

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