Friday, April 16, 2010

G. Love & The Special Sauce - Lemonade


Patchy.  Some of it had me swinging my hips and nodding my head, other tracks had me reaching for the skip button.  It's certainly varied, and travels from straight out hip hop through soul(ish) numbers, there's a bit of almost-rock in there... see what I mean?

There are numbers I'd choose to listen to again.  But as a CD as a whole, to be listened to from go to whoa - no.



I've always liked G. Love, particularly the G Love & The Special Sauce self-titled album featuring songs such as Blues Music, Cold Beverage and Baby's Got Sauce.  But like a lot of my favourites, this was taken from my collection at one time (probably by a desperate housemate).  It kinda pisses me off I still don't have it but at the same time, I've got so much music, I've hardly missed it.

I think I bought Lemonade because I went looking at my favourite record store (remember those) for the the aforementioned album but couldn't find it so settled on this instead.  Mind you, I didn't look very hard as I'm sure I can find it online somewhere (c'mon Amazon, give us some creds).  This album isn't much of a stretch from previous releases and considering this is released through Jack Johnson's personal label (who turns up as a guest on this, along with Blackalicious and Marc Broussard), you know its going to be a positive, easy listen. 

Lemonade is weak in spots and some of the lyrics just plain suck.  But really, its not about the lyrics, its about the groove or da flava (as Mr Dutton is want to say).  I imagine a live show would be filled with sweet, long haired, cute surfer girls and the boys that follow them.  And that ain't a bad thing, now, is it?
VERDICT: TURN IT DOWN 'cause you don't wanna scare away the cuties, do ya?

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