Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magic Dirt - Young & Full Of The Devil


We love Adalita.  Seriously cool rock chick par excellence.  Loved catching her cameo in Rockwiz earlier this year.  The woman who can reduce my husband to a drooling heap on the floor. (YourZ sez: any red-blooded rock-loving man would be similarly reduced)

But I don't love this album.  It's just a little - young for me.  It's all a bit angsty-youth with long distorted-guitar intros and outros and while her voice is great, there's not a lot on this to appeal to me.  The band moved to a more radio-friendly sound after this, and I'm afraid that's the sound that appeals to me.



Mine mentions the love we have of Adalita.  It truly exists.  But she doesn't mention the heady dose of unadulterated lust I feel for her as well.  This girl defines the meaning of rock babe.

I think I've probably seen Magic Dirt perform more than any other single Australian band.  And every show has been a winner, from their early, ear-bleedingly loud pub shows, their fesitval performances (they've been a consistent Big Day Out favourite) and  their more recent headline shows at large venues.

Over the years, Magic Dirt have changed their sound becoming more accessible as their career's progressed.  It is sad that the recent death of founding member and bass player, Dean Turner, after a long struggle with a rare form of cancer, has left the future of this very fine act up in the air.

As an album, Young & Full Of The Devil defined their early sound, the heavy, abrasively distorted guitars and heart-shaking rhythm section, their incredible loud/soft dynamic (used by lots but mastered by few) and Adalita's wild-eyed, sneering vocal delivery.  It also show the direction they were heading as well.

Mine says it is young but I see it more as an album full of maturing.  They highlight a greater range of song writing, moving from their distortion-riddled noise-rock numbers to more layered, accessible tracks.  It still isn't the sound they have now but it is definitely becoming.  .

If you've not heard this band before, then you definitely need to get some Dirt under your fingernails.


For more information: http://www.magicdirt.com/

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  1. I was thinking about this band the other day and wondering if they were still around. Weirdly I'd never heard them and only know the name because I remember photos of Jon Toogood from Shihad wearing the band's T-shirts from probably when the two bands toured together.

    Will check them out.

  2. Chris, it is really unfortunate but I don't think Magic Dirt will recover from the death of Dean as he was such a guiding force for the band. However, I know Adalita is working on her first solo album, so in some ways, they will live on, I guess.

    I can't recommend this band highly enough. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.